Hip Peas Farm grows high quality, certified organic produce without the use of  any pesticides.


Local Organic

Hip Peas Farm is a 1 acre micro-farm, located on a 5.5 acre plot in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Founded in 2017, the farm grows high quality produce for the greater Manchester area, though as of 2020, 95% of our sales are within 3 miles of the property. All of our produce is USDA Certified Organic, though we go a step further.

ZERO Pesticides

Hip Peas Farm utilizes ZERO pesticides – period. Certified-Organic or not, we believe that it’s just a better way to grow. This means all of our pest, weed, and disease control is managed by working with the natural processes of the plant. We use minimal-tillage systems to improve the health of our soil and reduce invasive weeds, high-tunnels to reduce disease pressures, and natural predators to control unwanted insects. All of our fertilizers are from Certified Organic sources, and we add plenty of clean compost to our soils to make sure they remain healthy for years to come.


We place an added emphasis on sustainability at our farm, which focuses on three main pillars: environmental, social, and economic. To strengthen our environmental sustainability, by 2020 our high tunnels will be heated from recycled cooking oil from local restaurants, and we retrieve vegetable scraps from these restaurants as well to turn back into compost for our soils. To strengthen our community, we host local school children twice a year to teach them about agriculture, and immerse ourselves into the culture of Hooksett whenever we can. We do all of this while building a profitable small farm, and strengthening our local economy.