Our HIP Team

Dan Lagueux - The "Hippie" behind the Peas



Dan Lagueux, a man with vision, integrity, high morality, and the "Hippie" behind the Peas. 

Dan was born and grew up in Quebec. He taught himself English by watching American sitcoms. He didn’t know it at the time, but this would serve him well in his future. Dan served his country by joining the Canadian Service. He learned a lot in those years: strength, teamwork, how to be a leader. After getting out, he was working in an upscale restaurant where he would meet his future wife and the mother of his two beautiful girls. 

An opportunity came up which would move his young family to the states. In trying to teach his daughters the importance of following your dreams, he realized he wasn’t following his. Next followed a few years of very hard work, but he had the support of his entire family. Dan and his wife, Valerie, opened New England’s Tap House & Grille in January of 2013, a now thriving restaurant in his hometown of Hooksett, NH.

Dan being the entrepreneur that he is, saw a piece missing from the equation. Dan has always tried to get the best, freshest product to serve his guests at the Tap House, why not grow it himself. And, oh, the property he found to do just that. Over the river and through the woods from his home, his dream came to fruition. With an emphasis on ecologically safe growing practices, Hip Peas Farm is showing the fruits of all the hard work Dan and his family put in to this adventure.

Dan Birnstihl - Director of Agricultural Operations



Dan is a New Hampshire native whose passion for fresh, delicious food brought him to Hip Peas Farm. After 5 years in the Marines, Dan used his G.I. Bill to get his degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food systems from the University of New Hampshire. In his senior year, he met with Dan Lagueux, who had a crazy idea to start a small, sustainable farm that would provide fresh produce to southern New Hampshire. Dan B. was hired on as the Director of Agricultural Operations. Since then, the two Dans have turned a small farm house from the 1800’s into a productive 5.5-acre farm supplying the Tap House and other local restaurants. Dan B. is currently planning the addition of two large high-tunnels to help Hip Peas Farm extend their growing season into the winter months, as well as an Aquaponic Greenhouse, where Dan will be able to put his experience in soilless agriculture to good use. 

Dan’s work with height control strategies for greenhouse edibles: 



Mike Mead - Property Manager



As a kid, Michael used to help his dad in their subsistence farm in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Michael graduated from Merrimack High School in 1987. After graduation, he joined the U.S. Army where he served for four years as a radar repair technician. Upon completing his time in the army, Mike worked in restaurants until 2011, when he took a hiatus to became a stay at home dad. Last year, Michael joined the Hip Peas team to become a 5th generation farmer. Mike specializes in maintenance and landscaping, and is a key member of the farm team. 

Jake Midura - Field Hand


Jake Midura, one of the farmers at Hip Peas Farm, grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire and recently graduated with A.A. Liberal Arts degree with a focus on agriculture, from NHTI, Concord's Community College. Jake certainly has "Farmer Fever" ! He has always enjoyed gardening, so working on the farm has brought him much happiness! Jake aspires to someday be a farm manager and continues his learning more about plants and agriculture working hands-on. Jake said "We are setting an example for others on how to grow their own food, to advocate healthy eating and to educate about where our food comes from"  Congratulations to our friend, Jake! 

Over the weekend, you can also see Jake over at the Tap House, proudly serving the produce he has grown from seed.